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2 men and a blonde lady are eating. when it turns out that there is not enough, the son says that he will get another pizza. He leaves and the girl asks why there is a pole in the room. Her father-in-law does it briefly before telling her it's for pole dancing. The girl decides to try it too but her short dress is too tight so it slides all the way up and she accidentally flashes her purple panties. Because of the high heels she wears, she almost falls and the man catches her. Maybe she should take off the dress and high heels and try again. So a little later she's riding a pole almost naked. Her friend's father kisses her on the mouth and sticks his tongue in. It turns her on so much that she immediately strips down his jeans to suck his cock. What a lovely woman she is and the man tries to get her to deepthroat. Unfortunately that doesn't work and the girl says they have to be quick because she also wants to fuck before her boyfriend comes back. She wants to feel her father-in-law's pole inside because it is much bigger than her boyfriend's. They go wild and she rubs her clitoris hard to make her orgasm. She soon indicates that she is going to come and the old man says he will come together with her and shoots his genes in the pussy of his son's girlfriend.


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